For the love of truffles

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Truffles are highly esteemed throughout the gourmet world. The ultimate culinary treasure, truffle connoisseurs prize them for their strong musky aroma and distinctive flavor. Early Greeks and Romans used fresh truffles as a delicacy, aphrodisiac and medicine. Today, truffles are used to make savory truffle oil, truffle honey and delicious truffle butter. In France, a chef shaves black truffles over pasta or prepares a remarkable black truffle goose foie gras. Italian winter white truffles are another succulent treasure; combine them with Porcini mushrooms for an enthralling, luxurious puree. Whether you prefer French truffles, Italian truffles or Asian truffles Black Star Gourmet has fresh truffles, preserved truffles and specialty truffle products for every culinary taste and budget.

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Natures miracle


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